Our Spaces
An anonymous, community-based, digital platform that empowers users to stand up and speak out against sexual harassment
Summer 2020
An online platform created to help students explore their passions, unlock their skills and discover their potential within our digital, COVID-19 world.
Spring 2020
Walk 'N Lotto
An ethically responsible, digital game within the Camelot App, that aims to cultivate community and provide each user with that 'winning feeling'.
Spring 2020
An sensored-tap system that is integrated within student housing, helping users monitor and reduce their water consumption during the dishwashing process.
Winter 2020
The Circle
A set of wearables that enable women to address uncomfortable situations by discreetly signaling their friends, while feeling empowered and autonomous.
Spring 2019
Reach Left
An artistic take on the traditional 'Moscow Mule' cup, designed for a left-handed user.
Fall 2018
Radio Flyer
A system of interchangeable kits that reimagine inclusive “play” in the twenty-first century with Radio Flyer
Fall 2018
RV Research
A month-long, needfinding research project aimed to better understand the struggles faced by families living in RV's in Palo Alto.
Fall 2018
Protective Paw
A form-fitting, protective glove to prevent hand injuries for baseball and softball players while they're batting and base running.
Summer 2018
Bay Beacons
An LED platform system that communicates car vacancy of to create a seamless experience for daily Caltrain commuters.
Fall 2017
A chair building kit that provides sustainably designed materials for students who lack access to adequate tables and desk.
Spring 2017
Hitting Drive
A tool for baseball and softball players, designed to help them optimize their leg strength and power when practicing their hitting.
Spring 2017
Sri Lanka Research
A three-week long, in depth research project to better understand how the lives of women are affected by gender roles, societal expectations and media in Sri Lanka.
Summer 2016
Wild Animal Conservation
Research projects focused on the ways animals are affected by captivity, and the discrepancies of wild animal treatment across different cultures.
Fall 2015